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Magic Forex Intuition


Magic Forex Intuition training software is designed to develop intuition to work at Forex. Everyday training will help you to correctly determine the correct currency exchange rate trend. The software offers the user to guess further price movement up or down from the starting line i.e. the closing price of the previous bar . The right trend is the one where the price goes over a certain number of points from the starting line e.g. 50 points



TrendProphecy Ultimate trading method developed especially for the professional Day trader differs from other systems, in that it computes a confirmed entry signal using our proprietary algorithms and then eventually during the Trend a warning Alert is shown if when the Trend becomes unstable, which is not the same as a change of the Trend.



GeneralKB is an innovative knowledge management software allowing an easy and effective management of all types of knowledge bases. It is an optimal tool for categorizing and finding articles, documents or data. It allows user to keep documents systematized, to add notes and attachments, capture and store web pages from the web. Easy access to an organization s knowledgebase either on LAN, WAN or Internet is also provided.

Efigio Personal Organizer


Efigio Personal Organizer helps you become more productive and more organized. List your daily ToDos, sort them by priority and work on them until they are completed.Arrange them by categories,set deadline reminders to make sure you are completing your work in time. Efigio s purpose is to help people in organizing their life, work, business and so on you name it , to help them in using their time best and making their work become more efficient.

Label Maker Professional for Mac


iWinSoft Label Maker Professional for Mac is a innovative print and label design tool which is designed specially for Mac users, It allow you to make address labels, mailing labels, shipping labels, letterheads, Form Letters, business cards, ID cards, Inventory Tags, postcards, and envelopes and much more...

SMARTLEDGER First Accounts


This highly functional accounts system allows novice users to maintain business accounts without learning new terminology or procedures. With professional invoicing, multi currency as standard, and a crisp clean user interface, the management of purchases, sales, bank and cash transactions becomes incredibly easy.

Tiff to Text III


A software utility that allows the user to duplicate a file folder structure of Tif images into one that contains text searchable tifs, PDF files and matching text files. It uses the OCR engine in Microsoft s Document Imaging. Scansoft s Engine This program is ideal for processing large volumes of tif images. It also has the ability to monitor a file folder hierarchy for new images. This monitor function is great for output from a copier.

Remove PDF Watermark


PDF watermark remover software is cost effective solution for removing embedded images from pdf documents. PDF image remover tool can delete any pictures from pdf, also more than one graphics at once. Image replace tool easily erase background copyright logo, signature, stamp, banner etc. Utility scans whole pdf and listout all graphics as thumbnail, select desired watermark photo and press remove watermark.



Me2Team is online software to plan and get work done fast. Personal ToDo lists are created from plans. Progress is automatically determined from completed ToDo s. Emails inform non users on what they need to do. Patented security and privacy methods secure information. Plans can be continually updated so they remain current. Save time and effort with less stress. Easy to learn and use. Planning and getting work done is less stressful.