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MIE Quote IT CadSolid Software


MIE Quote IT CadSolid Software is designed to help you quickly create calculate quotes for customers.

Database Migration Software


Inexpensive and affordable DB transformation utility is time saving and money saving tool that does not require any expertise knowledge to operate software to migrate database file from MSSQL to MySQL easily without any technical support. Highly interactive Database Migration Software has easy to handle GUI environment and is offered at www.db to get familiar with software functionality to make conversion process quicker and simpler.

Database Migration Tool


Download Database Migration Tool easily from website for instantly converting selected MSSQL table records into MYSQL by customizing conversion settings. Reliable database conversion utility save converted table records at user specified location for later use.

PDF to ePUB/Mobi Converter


PDF to ePUB Mobi Converter is a powerful and advanced tool designed to convert PDF to ePUB or Mobi formats that can easily read by mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle, Sony Reader, mobile phone.

MySQL to Excel Converter


MySQL to MS Excel database converting wizard efficiently transforms entire database or selected table s records of MySQL into MS Excel worksheets in a few mouse clicks. Database migratory software provides full support to MySQL data types and attributes and works with all major versions of MySQL and MS Excel. SQL to XLS converter is suitable for all types of organizations i.e. from small scale organizations to large scale organizations.

MySQL to MS Excel


MySQL to MS Excel database translator software provides reliable platform for database conversion into Microsoft Excel worksheet. Freeware database migration utility supports multi byte character set and Unicode architecture set. Advanced MySQL database to MS Excel spreadsheet converter program does not alter the functionality of original MySQL database records, maintains whole db integrity and supports all database data types and attributes.

Pro-Repair XRI


Pro Repair is quality Auto Shop Management Software at an Affordable Price ProRepair lets you easily enter, store, and access a variety of information. All of your data is secure, centrally located, and easily formatted to run custom reports so that you can put the valuable information you collect to good use. From Organization is one the keys to success. It is displayed by being in control and having information at your finger tips.

Personal Timeclock


Tracks and reports your computer usage by project and or category. Personal Timeclock TM can help you with client billing, and can also save you money at tax time by reporting how much of your computer use was for business purposes. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and provides the written documentation the IRS wants to justify your business deduction for depreciation of your computer.

Info Angel


Personal information manager PIM that combines a notebook, an address book, and organizer into a single interface. You can manage your daily notes, create a database of personal and professional contacts, organize your time and much more.