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RouletteRaid software is unique in that it runs five systems, each running multiple roulette algorithms to determine you best bet. Choose the system you prefer and your minimum stake and let the software guide your betting. Depending on the system you wish to use, the software will uncover complex patterns, trends and sequences. The software calculates the most probable result and displays the bet.



It is a classical tetris game. Rules are very simple. During all game many pieces fall from top of window. Piece falls until landing on another piece or bottom of window. When pieces form horizontal line, this line erases and all pieces above fall down. You earn 10 points for every vanished line and extra 10 points if you vanish more lines. Game ends if there are no place for new pieces. You can move pieces when they fall.



Chess is the most exciting, ancient and popular board game in the world. With the help of the program Chess 7 you can play chess both with the computer and a human partner, analyse chess positions, and solve chess problems. You can widely change the appearance of the program window. And of course we paid special attention to the appearance of the board itself and the chess pieces the program supports skin.



Solitaire 7 is a collection of 250 popular one and two pack solitaire card games. Everything in Solitaire 7 is fully customizable card set, background, card suit, card size, shadow, color of card border, color of suit border etc. And of course we paid special attention to the appearance of the cards.



Checkers 7 is a collection of the popular checkers games American, Brazilian, Canadian, Crowded, International, Frisian, Gothic, Italian, Pool checkers, Russian, Spanish, Sparse, Tai, Turkish checkers and play using the rule Give away . With the help of the program Checkers 7 you can play checkers both with the computer and a human partner or play via network.



Print unlimited sudoku puzzle to PDF file,Create and personalize your sudoku ebook.With Sudoku2pdf you can print booklets of Sudoku puzzles containing 1, 2 or 4 puzzles per page.And you can select very easy,easy,standard,hard,expert,extreme level to print.

Sudoku 9981


You can create, play, print,and solve Sudoku puzzles.Some of the features included are automatically generate possible number notes solve puzzle highlight where you went wrong Displaying Singles Candidature, Branch and color panel function.



GameHike is a tool for all that allows you to modify your computers settings to increase gaming performance. No modifications to your hardware are made and all adjustments and settings are done in an easy to use interface that a child could use. No more frame rate glitches or slow downs can be achieved by using GameHike with your favorite games.

Attack of Mutant Fruits from Outer Space


Old school shooter game. Don t expect to destroy alien ships. The galaxy is in danger. Do you want to be our hero When Human Beings have been destroyed themselves ... who will replace them