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Mafia RPG Toolbar


Do you wanna earn the respect you deserve Then immerse yourself in the world of money, power and respect. Rob a bank, steal a car, act only by your rules. But don t forget to watch your back, you never know.. in Mafia Where playing nice ends, and the mafia begins. Download the Mafia RPG Toolbar to get the edge over rivals with instant notifications of what s happening in the game Know when you get shot, get a message, and much more

Mystery Words


Click on letters in the 25 tile puzzle board to make valid English words while trying to figure out the mystery word to gain extra points. There are 1,000 mystery words in 14 different categories. One of the categories is questions which will give you more points for answering it correctly. Make words with the bonuses to gain extra points. Beware of the firecracker as you must make a word with it before it explodes or the game will be over.

PuppetShow lost town collector edition


After discovering a new system of caves, the entire town is excited to explore, until Suzy is kidnapped by a mechanical beast Emerging from the darkness and startling the townfolk, the creature causes a cave in behind him, leaving no trail to follow. Track the creature down and explore the mysterious caves in PuppetShow Lost Town, a beautiful Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game

Tet Walls


A fun and unique Tetris game with 8 puzzle pieces. All the standard ones are included and even some different designed ones. Each level the game will speed up and throw you a large funky piece to make it more difficult. Every so often you will receive a lightning bolt bonus that when engaged will fry all the blocks in its path while moving upwards. Enjoy 10 randomly played smooth music tracks while making those rows of lines. Very addictive.

PakMan 2008


If you love arcade games, you won t be able to tear yourself away from PakMan 2008 Guide either PakBoy or PakGirl through mazes and over bridges, collecting as many crystals as possible. Watch out for freeze bonuses and monsters out to stop you Inspired by classic 80 s games, but updated for the millennium with 3D graphics and a great soundtrack, this is fun for the whole family

Smugglers 4


Smugglers 4 is a turn based science fiction space trading game. You have the option to be a greedy trader, an ambitious bounty hunter, a ruthless pirate, or a multitude of the many professions that the game has to offer. You ll have to manage a crew, board plunder enemy ships, and even conquer star systems.

Shooting Gallery PC


Hot classic arcade action for the PC Play this fun game and try to shoot the various targets with your mouse in this fantastic new version of a classic style shooting gallery. Easy to play, hard to master, just click the screen and see how fast and accurate your shooting really is. Find all the bonus combos for big scores and maybe you can win bonus prizes and medals.

Irina Pinball


A Pinball table featuring an Ice Skating topic. The goal is to win a gold medal by beating the Highscore. This game covers elements from both new and old pinball machines while most sound in game are tunes of classical music. Experience a free Pinball game suitable for all ages.



It is a classical tetris game. Rules are very simple. During all game many pieces fall from top of window. Piece falls until landing on another piece or bottom of window. When pieces form horizontal line, this line erases and all pieces above fall down. You earn 10 points for every vanished line and extra 10 points if you vanish more lines. Game ends if there are no place for new pieces. You can move pieces when they fall.