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Digital Physiognomy


Looking for a program both entertaining and enlightening Digital Physiognomy reads a person s face and tells you about the secret character traits of that person with remarkable accuracy. A person s facial features eyes, noses, ear lobes, chins, eye brows, cheekbones, and foreheads all carry valuable information easily revealed with this software. The full version comes with a set of more than 1000 faces that belong to famous people.

MB Tarot Software


MB Free Tarot Software is an advanced personalized tarot design share and reading software. This is the first of its kind where one can design their own custom made tarot decks spreads and share it with other people who have interest in divination tools. This helps people send receive feedback on their developed decks spreads and improve their knowledge. Also, the software generates tarot readings for users interested in receiving one.

Change7 I Ching


The Oracle can be consulted with the coins or the stalks. Answers can be stored in a database. Includes both the Wilhem Baynes translation plus a pragmatic interpretation targeted to diary life. The program is easy to understand, allowing easy navigation between linked hexagrams and the English and Chinese text, which is shown along with a literal word by word translation of the Book of Changes. Users can add their own words to the text.