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Network Monitoring

PC Tools Firewall Plus


A powerful personal firewall for Windows that protects your computer from intruders and controls the network traffic in and out of your PC. By monitoring applications that connect to the network Firewall Plus can stop Trojans, backdoors, keyloggers and other malware from damaging your computer and stealing your private information.

Network Management Suite


Complete network management solution containing two must applications for the network administrators. The first component, Alchemy Network Monitor, monitors servers in your corporate network and alerts the Network Administrator in the case of the network failures. The second component, Alchemy Network Inventory, makes the complete network inventory and provides the Network Administrator with the detailed assets report.

Disable USB Port


How to block USB port LAN USB port disabler software is solution for this types of problems that can disable USB ports and block memory stick access. USB storage drive write protector tool records plug in, plug out activities over windows network and prevents unauthorized data transfer between client machine and USB mass storage devices. Flash drive disabling tool send sound alerts when USB storage device is insert or remove from local system.

USB Drive Disabler Tool


USB data theft protection application automatically maintains log file in text or HTML format and provides USB device detailed information. Software also provides facility to user to enable or disable access permission of any USB drive storage media within LAN network. USB drive disabler tool monitors multiple computer system simultaneously within local area network. Pen drive blocker utility supports all windows operating system including VISTA.

Backlinks Checker Program


Link popularity software directly checks out all available links pointed to publisher sites. Backlinks checker program sends alerts in form of emails if problems occur such as advertiser link is not available or removed from publisher site, page cannot be displayed etc. Reciprocal link monitoring utility helps advertisers to increase website popularity by instantly evaluating number of backlinks available on publisher site.

Website Performance Checker Software


Remote server monitoring tool continuously watches your all website s online offline performance and detects availability, accessibility of all web based applications in real time. Website performance checker software provides you an option to switch system from normal monitoring view to main monitoring view for real time monitoring. Advanced website status analyzer utility executes at system background in hidden mode.

System USB Monitor Software


Secure USB drive monitor application tracks USB mass storage media access activities of client computers. System USB device activity surveillance program records local area network clients computer USB ports activities with their computer name, IP address, data time, used USB information. Windows networks data theft monitor program works in stealth mode and does not show its presence in desktop, control panel and task manager.

Website Activity Monitoring Software


Website activity monitoring software continuously checks performance of any website and provides an advanced feature to create multiple profiles at a time. Website status analyzer application sends an error notification to user when any website is inaccessible. Website performance checker software detects website s current time availability and simultaneously checks status of multiple websites such as uptime, downtime, ping status.

USB Port Blocker


Windows network USB drive data theft monitoring software effectively log every USB port activity on network and immediately inform by beep a sound on server side when any unauthorized user is trying to fetch import data from to computer system. Program generate html or text format report that have complete detail of plug in out USB device such as manufacturer name, IP address, storage capacity, USB receiving date and time.