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Search/lookup Tools

Lyric Ferret Gadget


This gadget is made for Google Desktop users. It allows you to access lyrics from your desktop. It s dead easy to use. You just type keyword or keyword phrase and type enter, then you will find the lyrics what you want.

Software Coupons Finder


With this free program, you can save 20 50 of your money every time you buy some shareware on Internet. Get hundreds of software coupons for popular shareware titles or search for concrete software you want and need. Our program uses online database with more than 1000 software discount coupons. But even if you cannot find desired coupon, you can request if for free and you will receive it in 24h via email. It is easy, fast and free.

LAN Spider


LAN Spider is a full featured network file search utility. LANSpider is designed as multitask application that accelerates network operations. With even involved network infrastructure LANSpider can help you locate critical files dramatically fast. LAN Spider allows organizing more detailed scan using a great amount of patterns. Each item can be executed, copied, moved, drag n dropped and so on. Result of a search can be exported to 4 formats.