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Low Cost

Guitar Chords


Guitar Chords is a free software, with over 40000 basic and advance guitar chords. Nice and simple environment. TAB notation of the chords. No confusing graphics or images.

MaxBulk Mailer


Bulk mailer and mail merge software that allows you to send out customized press releases, prices lists and any kind of text or HTML documents to your customers. MaxBulk Mailer handles plain text, HTML and rich text documents and gives full support for attachments allowing you to create, manage and send powerful, personalized marketing message. Includes mail merge and conditional functions in order to get the best results of your campaigns

Mars 3D Screensaver


Does Mars have life This is the major scientific question facing the world today. The search for an independent origin of life on that planet is the main question in the future exploration of Mars. Launch this screensaver and transfer yourself to the Mars orbit. Watch spectacular views of the Red Planet along with its satellites, Phobos and Deimos. Try to find your own answer to the big question about Mars

PR0 PC Optimizer


Pro PC Optimizer is a collection of system maintenance tools and an optimization utility to Safely Clean, Repair and Optimize Windows. Fix Windows Errors and Stop PC Crashes Pro PC Optimizer optimizes your system, making your PC run faster, and preventing up to 90 of Windows crashes. Improve your system performance without expensive hardware upgrades. It removes unnecessary files, cleans the windows registry, prevents crashes... FREE DOWNLOAD

Customized Document Generator


CDG a Customized Document Generator allows you to create 100 s of documents with 1 click. And all of these will be automatically e mailed to those 100 s of recipients . And if you so desired, paper prints from your printer. All you do is create your template using MS Word.

RSS Content Generator Professional


RSS Content Generator is a comprehensive website generator from free RSS feeds news, press releases and articles to boost up your search engine rankings or make money with Google AdSense or another advertising program. RSS Content Generator can automatically download new RSS feeds, update your site with your structure and design and upload it to your server all without your intervention.

GRSoftware Email Robot


Windows email automation software to handle your email messages in a new way. Automate your email inbox so that if you get a message with certain characteristics then this software can handle it according to your settings. A simple use is to transfer files using email. If a message has a specified subject, for example, the Email robot software can save any attached file to a specified folder. Messages can be removed from the server or not.



Serlog is a server log analyzer that answers some crucial marketing questions What search engine keywords are visitors using What websites are sending us traffic And most importantly, what websites are referring visitors who make purchases It also includes all the standard statistics and reports that you would expect from a server log analyzer.

Screensaver Launcher


Activate your default screen saver from the desktop or system tray. Get small and useful utility, only for 9.45 Activate your default screen saver from the desktop or system tray. Get small and useful utility, only for 9.45 Activate your default screen saver from the desktop or system tray. Get small and useful utility, only for 9.45