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Small Software

Keystrokes Monitor Software


Key log recorder software captures the screenshots of opened websites including sites titles, URLs, clicked links, date, time and other information. Keystroke recorder utility can retrieve your whole lost typed data like passwords, e mail addresses, documents etc. Keystroke logger tool automatically maintain a backup of all computer activities and send it to the administrator. Key logger tool runs in undetectable mode and easy to install.



RegistrySmart is the intelligent choice in 1 click PC registry repair and registry cleaning tool. Our software scans every inch of your file system and registry in under 2 minutes. All corrupt files, paths, and registry keys are analyzed and automatically repaired so that your computer functions just as when first you purchased it.We guarantee our software eliminate 100 of your PC errors and restore you computer back to it s optimal performance

Domain Dashboard


Domain Dashboard completely automates the most boring webmaster tasks associated with managing multiple domains, saving you days of time. Create and manage hundreds of domain accounts at one time with the push of a button. Manage all your WHM and cPanel accounts from one control panel. Automatically know when and how many pages are indexed for all of your websites. Keep track of when search engine spiders visit your websites.

Windows Registry SWEEP (Cleaner)


Windows Registry SWEEP is latest in PC error diagnostic and repair, registry cleaner tool. Windows Registry SWEEP will do a complete scan and clean of your entire file system and registry in under 2 minutes All corrupt files, paths, and registry keys will be analyzed and automatically repaired so that your PC functions just as when you first purchased it, Guaranteed.

Elite Keywords Research


Generate 1000s of Keywords In Seconds. Find High Paying Adsense and Adwords Keywords With Elite Keywords Research and Suggestion Tool. Learn about a new keyword research and generation tool that all of the gurus are secretly using to quadruple their Adwords and Adsense earnings, Elite Keywords Research...

RFax for .NET


.NET component that sends and receives faxes using a fax modem. It has been developed in c sharp and source code can be purchased.

Affiliate Network Store Database


So now you have a website. You know that when you install a website it is empty That is right it has nothing on it. But visitors come to my site to see something not an empty site So how can I place relevant content as fast as possible That doesn t imply that I ll work for the next months and after fishing, in no seconds, there will be content on my site I would prefer to work as low as possible and have, in minutes, a lot of content



With WiXkill, you can target any window on your desktop and then close it or kill its associated program.

Android Calorie DataBase


With Calorie database, you get all the benefits of a nine thousand food database, with the convience of an Android App. Calorie database counting calories in over nine thousand foods including fast foods such as McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Starbucks,Subway and Pizza Hut.