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Small Software



This is a java package used to print reports in text mode. This results in a FAST and LIGHT WEIGHTED printing solution for your java application. It support all major printer control command sets HP PCL, EPSON ESC, IBM Proprinter . Most printer are normally compatible with one of these. The package supports the use of font styles bold, italic ... , lines and rectangles, fonts, mapping of character sets....

BlueMarket for PPC


BlueMarket, the new mobile marketing media channel will enable companies or brands to reach their specific target audience and offer a one to one interactive communication. It also provides the opportunity to build a closer relationship to the potential consumer, where an on going permission based communication is possible through the individual s mobile phone. Instantly send location dependent customized multimedia messages



A free tool from ezesoftware for the automatic registration of PAD files on shareware sites. Multithreaded execution submits to hundreds of sites in seconds The software currently submits to over 300 sites and check for new sites every time it s used. The tool is designed for Shareware applications developers.

Mafia RPG Toolbar


Do you wanna earn the respect you deserve Then immerse yourself in the world of money, power and respect. Rob a bank, steal a car, act only by your rules. But don t forget to watch your back, you never know.. in Mafia Where playing nice ends, and the mafia begins. Download the Mafia RPG Toolbar to get the edge over rivals with instant notifications of what s happening in the game Know when you get shot, get a message, and much more

Caps Lock On


Caps Lock will automatically turn on after computer reload.

Paid Surveys Manager


This program offers various special features on how your bookmarks of paid survey sites are stored and organized. Most important features include managing paid survey sites in different categories and detecting dead links and dublicates. Other features include exporting, backup and restoring bookmarks. This program also offers a set of tools that allows you to share links of paid survey sites with friends and configure the program as you like to.

Multi Reminders


A program to remind you of birthdays, bill payments, and appointments. Reminders can be periodic eg, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, yearly . And you can specify how many days notice to give you. Checks for reminders every time you startup your computer. Create and print monthly wall calendars containing your reminders.

RoulettePro Plus


The RoulettePro software program utilizes a user friendly interface to guide you in your online Roulette bets. It s not just a guide, it tells you exactly what to do. The RoulettePro runs the best Roulette algorithms to determine you best bet. As the game progresses, the software will uncover complex patterns, trends and sequences. The software calculates the most likely probable result and displays the bet.

Smart WAV Converter


Smart Wav MP3 Converter allows you to convert WAV files to MP3 or OGG format. It provides fast conversion speeds, control over bitrate settings and OGG quality, and supports variable bitrate, emphasis, psycho acoustics analyze and more.